December 8, 2023

Home Care Packages  Should I Get Assessed Early?


“She’ll be right” can be applied to many things in Australian life, but your ageing isn’t one of them.

When your veggies get a little too hard to chop or transporting yourself between appointments is getting difficult – maybe it’s time to get in touch with My Aged Care.

Accessing a home care package doesn’t mean you are losing your independence, but rather that you are setting up your future to stay in your own home. Thousands of Australians are also choosing to prepare for their independence at home, as of 31 December 2021, 217,724 people had access to a Home Care Package! Home Care Packages come in four levels, ranging from lower level needs (levels 1 and 2 packages), to those requiring higher levels of care (levels 3 and 4 packages).

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider getting assessed for your home care package sooner rather than later.

Home Care is for more than just your clinical care

With your home care package, your funds can be used in a multitude of ways including, but not limited to;

  • Support to help you shop and prepare meals. It can even be used for organising meals to be delivered right to your door
  • Keeping your home tidy and clean
  • Ensuring your home and garden are safely accessible
  • Purchasing aids and equipment to assist in your communication, mobility, personal care, medication management and more
  • Transport to and from your health appointments
  • Social support – let us keep you company over a cuppa with one of our wonderful care workers

Sometimes acknowledging that you could use a helping hand is the hardest step. Asking for support can be the first step in ensuring you or your loved one can stay safely at home. As your needs progress, your level of care can increase to take care of your higher support needs. Additionally you are joining a program that will continue to support you with any future care needs you may require.

Waiting periods for package funding

According to My Aged Care, current medium priority cases are waiting approximately 3-6 months for package approval. This has been an improvement of historic wait times of over 12

months. However, with upcoming changes to the Home Care Program, these wait times could fluctuate. We recommend getting in touch with My Aged Care to organise an assessment for a home care package as soon as you notice that your usual activities are becoming more difficult than normal.

Care needs fluctuate

Like all things in life – change is inevitable and it can be swift. By taking the initiative and applying for a home care package early, you are setting yourself up for continued support and care from today. You are ensuring your health and happiness at home and allowing yourself to be looked after by aged care specialists, like us here at Home Care Assistance Newcstle. After your first assessment, your provider can organise the re-assessments, making it easier and quicker for you. Having even a lower level home care package now takes the pressure off if your needs increase in the future.

Getting Started with your Home Care Package

Applying for your assessment can be done today by either calling My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or visit their website here

Here at Home Care Assistance Newcastle, we’re here to help guide you through this process, give us a call today for a step by step run through.


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