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Home Care Package

Home Care Assistance of Greater Newcastle, New South Wales

At Home Care Assistance Newcastle, our Home Care Package clients receive a personalised experience and customised service. We share a passion for improving our clients’ quality of life to live happily, safely and healthily in the comfort of their own homes.

A Home Care Package is a Government subsidised service to help older Australian’s live independently at home for longer. The support services available through a Home Care Package include help with personal care, medication support, respite, housework, meals and food preparation, transport, shopping, allied health, social support and more.

To find out how to access a home care package, you can download our free guide, click here, or call our office on 02 4089 3000 and we will guide you through the process.

Already have a Home Care Package but want a better Provider? Call us!

Your Home Care Package is transferrable. If you have a Home Care Package service through another Provider, but you would like a better quality of service and better value – please talk with us now. At Home Care Assistance Newcastle, we meet many Clients of other Home Care services who are unhappy with the quality of care, or the amount of care they can receive. We can offer you something much better:

No hidden charges! Lower fees! More hours of excellent home care! Better value from your Home Care Package. We meet people who have lost as much as 25%, 30%, even 35% of their Home Care Package in “Admin” and “Case Management” fees levied by other Home Care Providers. We will offer you a much better deal. The result? More hours of Home Care services that you really need; more value from your Home Care budget.


How much of the package goes to administration and case management?

At Home Care Assistance Newcastle, we keep our overheads low so we can offer more care for you. The total of all fees and case management we charge is 15% – significantly less than the 30-45% many other providers charge.

How much are your exit fees?

At Home Care Assistance our exit fees are ZERO. We work hard to keep our clients happy but if you do decide to leave, there is no cost to your package.

How much will my Home Care Package cost?

Taking up a Home Care Package is FREE* if you are a full pensioner. If you earn above these amounts, Centrelink can help you work out what your income tested care fee will be. If you are self-funded or a part-pensioner, Centrelink can help you work out what your income tested care fee will be.

*If you wish to pay the basic daily fee (we can discuss how this can increase your level of support)

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