December 8, 2023

My Aged Care Funded Services For Staying at Home


Navigating through My Aged Care can be daunting when looking into the funding options for home care services for the elderly. At Home Care Assistance Newcastle, we love to ensure that older Australians can exercise their stated preference of ageing in place safely, whilst being supported with the care services they require to maintain their independence. We can assist you with navigating you through the options and services available through My Aged Care and help simplify this process for you.

Below is a brief overview of the available Government-funded services for aging at home. If you have looked at My Aged Care, you will see that there are two types of government funding available for in-home care for older adults. Their eligibility for these services will depend on the outcome of an assessment, which is based on their individual care needs:

  1. The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)– this is generally suited to people who need 1 or 2 services, on either short-term basis or ongoing. There are individual approval codes for each service (eg cleaning, personal care, day respite etc).
  2. Home Care Packages – this program is tailored for those who need more than 1 or 2 services offered under CHSP. There are different funded tiers, which have increasing amounts of funding from basic, low, intermediate, or high. The Home Care Package funding follows the client, rather than the aged care agency.

The program and level of funding you or your loved one are eligible for is determined by the assessor during the application process with My Aged Care.

Both the Commonwealth Home Support Program and the Home Care Package program can provide similar types of services. These services include domestic assistance, in-home respite care, shopping, meal support, nursing, and other services. If several services are required a Home Care Package may be more appropriate, as the services can be coordinated with the help of a Care Manager to ensure the client’s needs are being met. Home Care Assistance Newcastle can help you clarify your needs and therefore your likely eligibility through My Aged Care, and then support you to apply.

About Each Program

The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) is generally considered an entry-level home support program that funds service providers to help older people to live independently in their homes and communities. There is generally a co-contribution that clients will need to make for each service that is provided. Availability of each service varies from region to region and changes over time, depending on availability. For clients receiving several services through CHSP, they may need to deal with multiple service providers without anyone overseeing the coordination of these services.  

The Home Care Package program is intended for individuals with more complex care needs that go beyond what the Commonwealth Home Support Program can support. There is generally a more comprehensive assessment undertaken when considering a Home Care package. The home care package program allows you to receive all your services with one service provider and will assign you a Care Manager to assist in coordinating your services.  

The home care package program has a limited amount of availability at any one time. Once you are assessed and approved for a Home Care package, you will be put on either a high priority or medium priority waitlist that is managed by My Aged Care.  You may need to wait several months to be assigned a home care package, and the initial package may be lower than what you have been approved for (called an interim home care package). CHSP services can be utilized whilst waiting for a home care package to be assigned. Everyone is eligible for a home care package, however, there may be income-tested care fees for those receiving income other than the aged care pension.

At Home Care Assistance Newcastle, we are a government-approved provider for home care packages. We can work in partnership with you to manage and coordinate your services under your home care package. We will assign you a care manager to work together with you to establish your unique care needs and decide how best to allocate your package funding based on these needs.  We offer flexibility, respect, and dignity when partnering with Home Care Assistance Newcastle to make the most of your Home Care Package.  Contact us today to make your Home Care Package work for you.


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