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Here at Home care Assistance Newcastle, we are dedicated to providing high quality care and meeting your expectations of a home care provider. 

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Maitland Home Care

Discover personalised in-home care services amidst the beauty of Maitland Surrounds.

Home Care Assistance Newcastle is your devoted partner, crafting customized care plans to meet the unique needs of Maitland Surrounds residents.

Experience compassionate care, genuine companionship, and support for post-hospital recovery in the diverse communities of Maitland Surrounds.

Our dedicated care management team serves the picturesque Maitland Surrounds, extending care to

    • East Maitland
    • Rutherford
    • Ashtonfield
    • Morpeth, and beyond


Allow us to support you in re-engaging with the tranquil beauty of Maitland Surrounds.

As a locally owned and operated service, we are committed to helping seniors feel safer and more independent at home. Re-engage with your community and enjoy much-needed social support and respite in the diverse area you call home.

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For a bit of guidance or immediate help, we’re here for Novocastrian seniors in search for quality aged care to support them in the next chapter of their lives. 

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Home Care Assistance Newcastle is an in-home aged care provider, dedicated to delivering high quality support and really listening to their clients.