Home Care Assistance


In-Home Aged Care give you the opportunity to spend genuine time with your clients, and see the difference you make to their lives.


What our Care Workers do

Clients and Care Workers are matched based on skill level, personality traits and preferences to support long-term relationships.

As typical in aged care support, you will be assisting with:

  • Social Support: joining them for a cuppa or a morning walk
  • Personal care: ensuring you clients live well and with dignity at home
  • Transportation: to appointments, friends houses or out shopping!
  • Medication reminders: keeping seniors in their homes and out of hospital
  • And other activities of daily living

Our unique approach to in-home aged care promotes a high quality of life for seniors and allows family caregivers to resume their role as a loving and supportive family member.

You deserve the best when you deliver the best!

As a part of the Home Care Assistance Newcastle Team, you will enjoy,

  • Flexibility and Stability of working hours to suit your lifestyle.
  • Our team enjoys regular hours and stable work
  • Full support from our team of Care Managers to support you whilst you provide care to our clients.
  • Above award wages and PAID kilometers and travel between clients

Expression of Interest

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What makes a great Care Worker?

Whilst a formal qualification in Aged Care ensures a baseline skill set, what sets our Care Workers apart are the special qualities that they bring to each unique situation. We believe great Care Workers are:



Each individual deserves respect for who they are. An older person’s thoughts, feelings, and needs are valid, and their life experience far outweighs our own. Great Care Workers believe this innately, support independence and are rewarded internally as a result.


It’s easy to get frustrated when things don’t work as quickly or as easily as they used to – this is all part of the ageing process. Patience is a key trait in a great Care Worker, and ensures people feel supported as they are, that they are understood.


Nobody wants to feel like they are a burden. A great Care Worker is innately compassionate and caring, makes people feel safe, and supported through their actions as well as their words. suscipit. Vivamus volutpat.


People like to know their Care Worker will be there when they need them. Change can happen quickly, and the ability to be agile, and jump from one task to the next is a great skill in a Care Worker.

Good Companions

Care Workers are relied upon for companionship as much as personal care. This means both being able to chat freely, be a good listener and know when the right time is for both.

Trustworthy and Responsible

Managing medications and transportation of older people are serious matters that require due diligence to provide peace of mind to individuals and families.