December 8, 2023

5 Books Seniors with Dementia Might Enjoy


Even in its advanced stages, dementia may not destroy the ability to read. In fact, reading aloud to your loved one or encouraging him or her to read independently can preserve cognitive function and slow the progression of the disease. The following books are written and presented in a manner that is interesting to seniors with dementia while remaining respectful.

1. Color Your Mind: A Coloring Book for Those with Alzheimer’s and the People Who Love Them – Maria Shriver

Written by award-winning journalist and Alzheimer’s advocate Maria Shriver, this book uses the act of colouring to spark creativity and relieve stress in seniors with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Created with insight from leading experts, care workers, and seniors with dementia, the book ties the activities and colourful images with valuable information on creating a healthy and balanced life. 

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2. Dancing with Elephants: Mindfulness Training for Those Living with Dementia, Chronic Illness, or an Aging Brain – Jarem Sawatsky

After being diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, Sawatsky began exploring how people with terminal or incurable diseases could still live fulfilling lives. In this humorous and heart-wrenching book, Sawatsky details his personal journey and offers practical advice on managing a difficult diagnosis and adjusting to a new “normal.”

3. Blue Sky, White Clouds: A Book for Memory-Challenged Adults – Eliezer Sobel

Sobel was amazed to find that his elderly mother with Alzheimer’s was still interested in books and reading even when she could no longer follow a plot or speak in complete sentences. He created this adult picture book specifically for those with dementia. The book is filled with beautiful photographs and short, easy-to-read captions. Each picture and caption stand alone, so your loved one does not have to worry about remembering a storyline or characters.

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4. A Dusting of Snow – Emma Rose Sparrow

Sparrow has created a series of books tailored for seniors with dementia who still love to read. These large-print books offer easy-to-follow storylines with short chapters and paragraphs and colourful photos to make reading more manageable. Other titles in the series include The Sandy Shoreline and What the Wind Showed to Me. Another attractive feature of these books is that they do not explicitly state they are for individuals with dementia.

5. Share-Time Picture Books for Reminiscing and Storytelling (Series) – Judi Parkinson

This is a series of books created by Judi Parkinson to stimulate and encourage the sharing of past memories and experiences. These books feature photographs that provide visual cues to facilitate verbal communication in those with dementia. Among the titles in the series are By the SeasideThe Vegie PatchBusy in the Garden, and Gone Fishing.

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