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At Home Care Assistance Newcastle, we understand that living with MND can be challenging, both emotionally and physically. Routine tasks may now be difficult or impossible to complete, so it’s essential to have dedicated, reliable support where you need it most: at home. Our care workers are trained to assist people living with MND with both physical and cognitive needs, enhancing your quality of life through personalised care strategies.

As a progressive neurodegenerative disease, MND affects not only you but also your family members as well. We take a “family first” approach to care at home, ensuring we provide compassionate and comprehensive support services to MND sufferers in Newcastle. As your in-home care provider, we utilise your Home Care Package to coordinate with your support network including care workers, allied health professionals and specialised services.

It’s important that all our clients maintain their sense of independence no matter their age, and we understand the adjustments required when living with MND. We also work hard to continuously expand our knowledge of MND to provide better care for all our clients, no matter your needs.

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What Is Motor Neurone Disease?

Motor neurone disease refers to a group of diseases that affect a person’s nerves, resulting in muscles becoming weaker over time. Symptoms of MND typically appear on one side of the body before spreading and progressively getting worse over time. People suffering from MND often experience:

  • Weak hands
  • Difficulty gripping and lifting
  • Speech difficulties, including slurring
  • Cramps
  • Walking difficulties
  • This can eventually lead to difficulties moving, speaking and swallowing as the disease worsens.


Types Of Motor Neurone Diseases

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease
  • Progressive bulbar palsy (PBP)
  • Spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy (SBMA)
  • Progressive muscular atrophy (PMA)
  • Primary lateral sclerosis (PLS)


How We Help: MND Care At Home

While there is no cure for MND, proper care and support can help you live a rich, fulfilling life while managing your symptoms. We can assist you with daily tasks including cooking, exercise and shopping while escorting you to and from appointments with GPs, physiotherapists, neurologists, occupational therapists and more.

We understand that every client is unique, with distinct life experiences and medical histories. We tailor our care to meet your needs, providing a customised approach for every person. Whether you need regular exercise, hourly medications or weekly sessions with a physio or occupational therapist, we’ll help you receive the highest quality treatment utilising your Home Care Package.

For more information on motor neurone disease care in Newcastle, contact our team online or call us on (02) 4089 3000.


Transport can be a major challenge for those living with MND. That’s why we offer a helping hand, providing rides to appointments, shopping trips and plenty of fun outings. Our care workers escort clients to appointments with other health professionals, ensuring they can get where they need to go without added stress.

A healthy diet is vital for those with MND. Good nutrition helps strengthen muscles and maintain overall health. We take the guesswork out of meal preparation by cooking delicious, nutrient-rich meals, maintaining optimal nutritional intake and health.

Daily personal care can become difficult for those with MND. We step in to assist with everyday tasks like bathing and grooming, providing gentle support while promoting as much independence as possible.

Keeping track of medication schedules can be daunting. Our care workers ensure our clients take the right medication at the right time, offering peace of mind that treatments are always managed correctly.

Our care workers ensure that all medications are taken correctly and on time, offering peace of mind that this crucial aspect of care is always managed accurately. This includes coordinating with pharmacists and healthcare providers.

Staying active is important, but MND can make movement challenging. Our trained care workers provide the support needed to help with mobility issues, from managing stiffness to ensuring safety during daily activities, allowing for greater independence.

Building meaningful relationships and staying socially active are key to mental well-being. We foster strong connections between our care workers and clients, creating an environment where friendships flourish and social engagement is a part of daily life.

Living with MND can be emotionally exhausting and physically demanding. We offer practical and emotional support to individuals and their families through our hands-on care management. At Home Care Assistance, our emphasis on balanced caregiving drives our continued work towards providing a complete and holistic approach to managing and improving the lives of those living with MND.

Our care workers are trained to assist people living with MND, focusing on both physical and cognitive needs. This includes managing mobility issues, providing personal hygiene assistance, and supporting nutritional intake, ensuring comprehensive care.

We take a “family first” approach, offering emotional and practical support to family members. This includes providing respite care, connecting families with support groups, and ensuring they are part of the care planning process.

We have extensive experience supporting clients who require assistive technologies to maintain independence, such as communication aids for speech difficulties and mobility devices. We take the time to understand how these tools help our clients manage daily activities more effectively.

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Motor Neurone Disease Care Tailored to You

Motor Neurone Disease Care Tailored to You

Our care workers do more than just provide care — we build meaningful relationships with each client, celebrating their unique stories and experiences. Our mission is to brighten each day and make life more enjoyable. We recognise that everyone has distinct preferences and needs, and we’re committed to respecting them. Our holistic approach ensures we address physical health, emotional well-being and social connections. We empower our clients by involving them in their care decisions, ensuring their needs and desires are fully met.

Supporting People Living with MND

Supporting People Living with MND

At Home Care Assistance Newcastle, we prioritise maintaining the quality of life for those with motor neurone disease. We understand the emotional toll of this rapidly progressing condition. Our dedicated team offers both emotional and practical support. We can escort you to appointments with speech pathologists and other specialists to address swallowing problems and other challenges. By working with MND Australia and connecting clients with support groups, we provide comprehensive care tailored to the unique difficulties faced by those with MND.

Comprehensive Motor Neurone Disease Care

Comprehensive Motor Neurone Disease Care

We help with advance care planning to ensure all future needs are anticipated and met, honouring each person's wishes as MND progresses. By incorporating assistive technology, we help clients maintain their independence with tools like communication aids and mobility devices tailored to their specific needs. Our holistic approach encompasses physical, emotional, and social well-being, supported by a multidisciplinary team. This ensures that as conditions evolve, our care adapts, enhancing the quality of life and promoting dignity and independence for both individuals and their families.

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