December 8, 2023

Technology Gifts for the Elderly this Christmas


The holidays are racing around the corner! It can be hard to find the right gift for those in your life that seem to have everything. Quality time is without a doubt the best gift you could give, but alas you can’t quite wrap that under the tree, here are some things you can do though.

The theme of this year’s list is cool, usable technology for the elderly. This is likely something they wouldn’t already have, but will be a delight to use and will assist them in their technological literacy.

The Perfect Gift for:

The Reader – Kindle Paperwhite

For the reader in your life, they’ll love an e-reader such as the Kindle, the device has a magnitude of features that help the elderlyto read easier.

These features include, a backlight and adjustable font size for easier viewing, being extremely light; weighing only 200g (much lighter than a book), and uses touch screen technology that reduces the need to pick up each page – useful for those with limited dexterity in their hands.

If your gift recipient is vision impaired – you can also listen to audio books using the kindle. Products like the kindle are helping the elderly do what they miss by supporting them with technology.

The Tea/ Coffee Lover – Temperature Controlled Mug

A cuppa is always best hot, and with this temperature controlled mug their drink will stay that way!

This mug helps anyone keep their drinks at the perfect temperature, but especially helps the elderly enjoy and relax during their cuppa rather than racing back and forth from the microwave or kettle everytime the tea gets cold.

This mug can be connected to a mobile phone for more fancy features, but it works just as well on its own making this one of the simplest technology gifts on the list.

The Lover of a Clean Home – Robo Vacuum

Welcome to 2022 when a robot can do the cleaning for you! Well maybe not the whole house but it can do the floors – introducing the Robo – Vacuum

This nifty little device can vacuum and mop the floors while your loved one kicks up their feet and has a rest. For optimal use, a smartphone app can map where the robot will clean. After a tech- savvy hand, the robot is ready to go from the push of a button.

These robots are often quieter than traditional vacuums too – great to put on during an afternoon nap!

The Sentimental one – Digital Photo Frame

Decorate your loved ones home with their favorite memories, and this way you don’t have to choose just one, but rather a collection that can play on a slideshow.

Upload images straight from a smartphone, from a computer or a SD card from a camera. This way you can keep updating the pictures of what your family/ friends are up to in real time.

The Card Shark – Automatic Card Shuffler

Christmas with the family gathered around often calls for some afternoon card games. This inexpensive gift allows the seniors of the table to shuffle the deck when the time comes their turn to be dealer, undoubtedly bringing back the good memories of card games come and gone. And this gift also allows for more time chatting and being merry round the poker table.

We here at Home Care Assistance Newcastle hope this list gives you some ideas for gift giving to the elderly in your life these holidays, and we wish you all a very merry holiday season.


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