December 8, 2023

2023 Goals Home Care Assistance Newcastle Can Help You Achieve


2023 has officially begun, during this time of year we often reflect on the year that has passed and visualise what we believe the new year will bring. New year’s resolutions can feel a little silly, but they help us put our minds toward positive change we want to see in our lives in the new year.Here at Home Care Assistance Newcastle, we pride ourselves on the level of support we can offer and our prompt organisation your time and your government subsidised funding. We are here to help all throughout the year, but we can also help you achieve your new year’s resolutions.

Lets go through some goals that might be on your list this year, and how Home Care Assistance Newcastle could help you achieve them.

Get back being Social

Long gone are the days of lockdowns, however the effects of COVID-19 are still felt throughout our society and the toll it took on our social relationships. Let us help you reconnect. One of our beautiful care workers could join you in your favorite cafe, or we could drop you to meet up with one of your friends there. Or your Care Manager could research and connect you with a community and/or cultural group that suits your needs and give you the opportunity to meet more people.

Start a new hobby

Learning new things, or engaging in things we previously enjoyed, not only has tremendous effects on our mental health, but on our cognitive abilities as well. Let us get you back to bowls, we can accompany you, transport you there and even organise some mobility aids to assist in your bowling abilities! Other hobbies we could help you pick up could be gardening, cooking, swimming, playing bridge – the opportunities are all there, all you have to do is reach out for us to organise it all for you. 

Learn some skills in technology

Technology is a prominent force in our lives, and it can be pretty scary and isolating if you don’t know how to use it. But no need to fear, here are Home Care Assistance Newcastle we strive to keep our clients independent, and apart of that is aiding in their technical literacy. We’d love to organise some lessons and for some of our trusted providers to come and teach you some skills. Trust us, it’s not as hard as it looks, all you need is a little guidance

Get your fitness back in check

Our lifestyles greatly affect our bodies and how we age. By engaging in positive habits to do with your diet and exercise you can greatly impact your health and happiness. Here at Home Care assistance Newcastle we could reach out to some of trusted dieticians we work closely with, or organise some healthy meals that will arrive right to your door! We also work with many allied health professionals in the Newcastle Region who can come to your home and assist you with you physio and other exercises.

Or maybe there’s something you want to achieve that is not on this list, give us a call on 02 4089 3000 and lets chat about how we can help you reach your goals this year.


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