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I Want To Change My Home Care Provider

Changing providers can feel overwhelming for many individuals receiving services under a home care package. We often find that many clients reach out to us after being unhappy with their existing provider for months, and sometimes years, only wishing they had done it sooner.
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How easy is it to change home care providers?

The good news is that the process of changing your Home Care Provider is easier than you might think, and at Home Care Assistance Newcastle, we can help make it even easier. If you choose to change providers, any unused funds in your home care package will be transferred to your new provider so there is no loss of subsidy, although some providers may charge an exit fee.

I want to change providers, but not my support services

If you are unhappy with your Home Care provider, but don’t want to lose the relationships you have with your current support service providers such as your physiotherapist, podiatrist etc, Home Care Assistance Newcastle are happy to support and arrange the continuation of these services.

3 steps to changing your home care provider when you have a Home Care Package

The process of moving your Home Care Package to Home Care Assistance Newcastle involves three simple steps as outlined below. To streamline this change for you, we are happy to visit you and complete these steps together– simply call one of our friendly Client Care Managers today.

Step 1

Inform your current provider in writing that you wish to change providers. Depending on your agreement with them, 2 – 4 weeks’ notice will be needed. If you require assistance with this process, or cannot figure out your notice period, our team at Home Care Assistance Newcastle are happy to help with any letter writing or information gathering on your behalf.

Step 2

Call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422. You will need to let them know that you are changing providers so they can reactivate your Home Care Package referral code. Please ensure you write down this code.

Step 3

Call Home Care Assistance Newcastle. We will need your referral code and the date you will discontinue care with your current provider. We will then arrange for one of our lovely Client Care Managers to visit you and set up your new services, ensuring a seamless transition from your previous provider.

Why do people choose Home Care Assistance Newcastle over their previous provider?

People change their Home Care provider to Home Care Assistance Newcastle for a variety of reasons:
  • They would rather not pay expensive package and care management fees
  • They have been unhappy with frequent, unexplained changes to their Care Workers or their schedules.
  • They have experienced long wait times for requests for services or goods to be approved
  • They have felt like a number, and prefer a more local, personalised service provider
  • They have recently moved into our wonderful neighbourhood and have heard great things about the way we do things.

*Some providers may take an exit fee out of any unspent funds.

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I have recommended Home Care Assistance Newcastle to a few friends now. After having a bad experience with another service provider, Kerrie went above and beyond to help my mother, who has dementia,... with new services. Kerrie, Mark and their team are compassionate, professional and genuinely care about their clients.read more
Great service helpful staff that can't do enough for you and very reasonable fees
We were very happy with Home Care Assistance's and dealing with staff was a pleasure. Highly recommend.
Home Care Assistance are always available to help Mum and Dad. The carers are always lovely and polite. I feel very confident in recommending them to anyone looking for care for their loved ones.