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What Kinds of Assistance Are Available for Ageing Adults?

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Types of Assistance Available for Seniors in Newcastle, NSW

Are you one of the nearly three million unpaid carers in Australia? If so, you’ll want to know what kind of help is available to make life easier for your senior loved one when you’re not able to be there. Below, we discuss your options for assistance and services that may be beneficial for older adults.

Dementia Services

According to Healthdirect Australia, there are 400,000 people in Australia living with some type of dementia. Check out what’s available from Dementia Australia, a national organisation that provides a broad range of services and resources. They offer support groups and information for both individuals with dementia as well as support for their family and friends. To find out more, go to https://www.dementia.org.au/support/in-your-region/NSW.

If your senior loved one needs professional dementia care, Newcastle care workers are available around the clock to provide the high-quality care he or she needs. Using the revolutionary Cognitive Therapeutics Method, dementia care workers can help your loved one stay mentally engaged and delay the progression of the disease.

Government Subsided Services

If you or a loved one requires help, the Australian Government has a range of subsidised services available to assist you. The first step is to call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422. They will assess your level of need and organise an in-home assessment. More information is available by visiting the My Aged Care site at www.myagedcare.gov.au. Below is a brief overview of 3 of the available services:

1. Commonwealth Home Support Program

This program aims to help those who need a low level of support to keep living independently. It’s only recommended to those who need one or two services.

2. Home Care Packages

Home care packages are for those with greater or more complex care needs. If you need many care and support services on an ongoing basis, you could be eligible for a home care package. There are four levels of packages and they’re allocated based on each individual senior’s specific needs. The services provided are coordinated by an approved home care provider. You have complete control over how your budget is spent, within the home care package guidelines. If you’d like more information on accessing a home care package, please contact Home Care Assistance Newcastle.

Families looking for top-rated Newcastle senior care providers can reach out to Home Care Assistance. From respite care to specialised Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke, and Parkinson’s care, there are many ways we can make life easier for seniors and their family members.

3. Short-Term Care

There are several options for short-term care, including:

  • Restorative care can help you or your loved one get back on your feet or assist with recovery after an illness or injury. A team of health professionals can help you reverse or slow the difficulties you’re experiencing and develop a plan for how you can manage them yourself
  • Transition care is for those who need to recover and regain independence after a stay in hospital. Specialised care and support can help seniors move safely from hospital and back to everyday life, avoiding the need for longer term care and support.
  • Respite care is for when you or your carer need to take a break for a short time, which could be for a few hours at home, a day out in the community, or a short stay for a few nights in an aged care home to provide for your everyday needs without your carer.

You can find more information at https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/short-term-care

Available Support Services

Home care providers can benefit ageing adults in a variety of ways. From cooking nutritious meals to offering timely medication reminders, the dedicated care workers at Home Care Assistance are available to help your elderly loved one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Home Care Assistance is an approved Home Care Package provider and can be your trusted partner in caring for your elderly relative. Contact one of our experienced Care Managers today at (02) 4089 3000 to learn more about our reliable in-home aged care services.

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