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About Our Staff

Home Care Assistance Greater Newcastle Staff

Kerrie Burns, Owner

Kerrie Burns, Owner

After initially working in Aged Care, Kerrie went on to study Environmental Engineering and worked on the understanding of some of Australia’s most iconic waterways. Her passion for innovation and people led her to work for a number of growing environmental technology companies. She has a Masters Degree in soil science and capturing carbon in our soils. Through her journey as a daughter and a granddaughter Kerrie became increasingly aware of the difficulties families go through with existing way of supporting aged care. Kerrie moved to working with people that required case-management and support. With her energy and compassion Kerrie was attracted to a business that aims to “Change the Way the World Ages”.

Mark Burns, Co-Owner

Mark Burns, Owner

Mark initially used his Electrical Engineering degree to build solar racing cars to cross the country from Darwin to Adelaide. This progressed to the early development of grid connected roof top solar installations that are so common now. Mark was part of small team that first went out in the early 90’s and designed, marketed, sold and installed solar panels on peoples roofs in Australia. Mark’s passion for electronics and solar came directly from his grandfather and it was his life, ageing and passing that influenced so much of Mark’s life. An individual’s needs for meaning and value don’t decrease with age and he saw both the power of independent living in making life enjoyable and then consequently the challenges of residential care. The Home Care Assistance values of respect and understand the full needs on an individual were a natural fit for Mark.

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